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Sun protection shutters guarantee

CE marking of DURMI

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INDUSTRIAS DURMI S.A. recommends you NOT TO PURCHASE products that are not properly identified with the CE marking or products that are not accompanied by the necessary documentation to prove compliance with the standards. cumplimiento de las normas.

Products that are incorporated into the building envelope, as well as all motorised products, may only be placed on the EU market under CE marking. Various European directives and EN standards lay down the essential requirements for products to be placed on the market in free competition without jeopardising the safety of users and in compliance with European standards.
The CE marking symbolises the conformity of the product with all Community requirements imposed on the manufacturer, who must have available the required tests and controls for each product to support its conformity and marking.

Bioclimatic pergola guarantee

CTE – Technical Building Code.

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At Industrias Durmi we like to comply with all the requirements and laws of each country where we are present and for this reason all our products comply with the Technical Building Code.

The Technical Building Code (CTE) is the regulatory framework that establishes the requirements that buildings must meet in relation to the basic safety and habitability requirements set out in Law 38/1999 of 5 November 1999 on Building Regulations (LOE).

The CTE also deals with accessibility as a consequence of Law 51/2003 of 2 December, on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for people with disabilities, LIONDAU.

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