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Bigger energetic use reduction thanks to its opening and orientation possibilities.

Durmi Bioclimatic Pergola

The Durmi bioclimatic pergola is a new sun protection system that will allow you to enjoy living outside the whole year. The Durmi pergola is designed to regulate the temperature inside, to protect oneself from the rain, the sun, the wind or the snow thanks to its sensor detectors.
The DURMI Bioclimatic Pergola has a modern design, adapted to all kind of styles, being perfect for for private gardens, or hotel and restaurant terraces, where you could take a bigger benefit of your business.
Without having to do works at home, and with an easy assembly system, you will benefit a larger livable space, in a clean and easy way.

Elegant, sealed and ventilated

The Durmi bioclimatic pergola is made of a structure with aluminum motorized movable louvers. This system offers inclinations from 0º to 145º, allowing closing or ventilating the room as the user wishes.

When open, the flat form louver of 270mm offers larger space sensation and brightness.

The sealing guaranties water tightness of the Durmi pergola, creating a closed space and external to the outside climatology.


Attached-to-wall Pergola

A Max length. 6800 mm
B Max width. 4200 mm
C Max height. 3250 mm

Stand-alone Pergola

A Max length. 6800 mm
B Max width. 4200 mm
C Max height. 3250 mm

Duplex Pergola

A Max length. 6800 mm
B Max width. 6800 mm
C Max height. 3250 mm


Durmi special selection:

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7016

RAL 7016 textured

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 9016

RAL 9016 textured

Most used colours:

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 1015

RAL 1015

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 5008

RAL 5008

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 5010

RAL 5010

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 6005

RAL 6005

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 6009

RAL 6009

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 6028

RAL 6028

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7011

RAL 7011

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7012

RAL 7012

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7016

RAL 7016

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7022

RAL 7022

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 70311

RAL 7031

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 7035

RAL 7035

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 8014

RAL 8014

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 8017

RAL 8017

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi 8019

RAL 8019

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 9005

RAL 9005

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 9010

RAL 9010

RAL 9011

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Ral 9016

RAL 9016

Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Anodizado Plata

Anodizado plata

Cualquier color termolacado de la carta RAL disponible.


Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Iluminacion


White LED light with dimmer under the frame or in the louvers, RGB colour light, etc.
Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Cerramientos

Sides closing systems

Screens, glass system, Durmi sliding of fixed system with all kind of louvers, etc
Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Personalizable

100% custom-made

We adapt ourselves to your own space
The Durmi bioclimatic pergola is customizable and can be tailored to very different options like LED lights (under the frame or in the louvers), structure colour, height adjustable and dimensions as the customer wishes, heater, Bluetooth audio control system, Smartphone control, sides closing systems of all kinds (screens, glass sliding, Durmi sliding or fixed system with all kind of louvers, etc)…all the option you can imagine are possible.
Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Lama
Pergola Bioclimatica Durmi Lama2

Lama dimensions : 270mm

Rain water collecting system: The rain water is evacuated to one of the sides, in order not to accumulate the water on the louvers, and avoiding to fall inside when the louvers are open again.

Bioclimatic Pergola Catalog



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Pergola bioclimatica Durmi garantía

10 years guarantee: Colour and aluminum deformity
3 years guarantee: Motorization and electronic

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